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We Are a Bi-National Organization Wanting to Practice Sufficiency Economics on Our One Earth Home

JUBILEE ACTIONS for August-September 2016: “Bag the Bag” is the slogan.

See how many ways you can figure out how NOT to use plastic bags for carrying items out of any store! 
  1. Keep cloth bags in the trunk of your vehicle.
  2.  Carry items out in your arms (if there are only a few)
Less than 5% of plastic bags are recycled in California. Is your state better? Bags are a major debris on ocean floors and cause death to one million birds and 100,000 turtles and sea animals annually because they ingest them. Paper better? In landfills, paper bags produce more than twice as much atmospheric waste as plastic. Check out the Sierra Club fact sheet on bags.

Jubilee InfoPoll—Do you have information about …?

1. Do you know of faith-based universities or academies that teach the jubilee model of economics in their curriculum?

2. Do you know any congregations with the goal of shaping their institution and teaching spiritual formation framed by the jubilee model of spirituality?

If you have any information regarding Questions #1 and #2, please send it to Thank you! 


Co-directors Lee Van Ham and Dan Swanson are available for presentations in various venues and congregations. Lee presents in the San Diego region and beyond; Dan in the Mexico City region and elsewhere across Mexico.

Contact Lee at 619-528-8075 or

Contact Dan at

What is Jubilee? 

Learn about the historical roots of Jubilee and how these practices are normative in Indigenous cultures, and the ways we see those values expressed in today’s practices

The turning tide of contemporary economics has left everyone with questions. Often more heat than light is generated in the debate over the way forward.

Jubilee Economics is rooted in ancient wisdom that is finding an uncanny relevance today. You might call it the original sustainable economics.

For a brief, concise explanation, listen to Jubilee Economics in 90 seconds.

What We Do

Learn about JEM’s educational materials, advocacy efforts and our jubilee living initiatives. Includes our blog, The Common Good podcast and more in the Library.

We see abundance where others see scarcity and austerity. We see promise and vitality in the bounty of living within the limits of what economic activity can be done on One Earth, rather than living as if there were many earths to do our business. Listen to our “Jubilee Economics in 60 Seconds” elevator pitch in the sidebar.

What You Can Do

Jubilee is people’s economics and we like to point the way. There’s nothing to buy but we would like to have you sign up. Ready? Start with our 30-day Jubilee Immersion, a guided tour of JEM’s essential materials!

Times are changing. The decision before humankind is whether we live in a way that Earth can accommodate. Jubilee Economics offers both vision and practical ideas for how to do just that.

We invite you to see economics in a new way with a Planet- and People-friendly economics whose time has come, again.

Are You a Fit as a Director on Our Board?

Do you believe that Jubilee Economics is articulting a message and practice for this time? Do you want to help find ways to further amplify this work? Do you have relevant experience with a nonprofit board, with business or economics? Do you have a few hours a month to devote to this work?

If so, you may wish to share your resume’ and become a candidate for our Board of Directors. We want to talk with you. Please contact us so we can explore together whether becoming a member of the Board of Directors would be a good fit for you.

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