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Getting Started:
Around the JEM World in 30 Days

The following list was compiled at the request of a jubilee-curious pastor who wanted a guide as he explored jubilee themes, and thought a one month discipline would put him on the right path. You could use it for any 30 day period. It touches on a range of our materials and links topics that sometimes might seem distantly related until the big picture is finally glimpsed, setting up a great feeling “A HA!” moment.

Introduction to the Jubilee Economic Model

Day 1

Drop in on YouTube and watch an overview on the biblical overview of jubilee in a video created by our friend T.C. Porter of Adams Avenue Crossing.

Day 2

A Quick Peek at a Biblical Overview of Jubilee Economics was created as a companion to the YouTube video of Day 1. It offers a reference to the essential scriptural basis for jubilee economics.

Day 3

Read one of our background pages, Was the Biblical Jubilee ever practiced?

Day 4

Download and read Sabbath-Jubilee Economics in Brief, a JEM-authored .pdf booklet published a number of years ago to give a quick introduction to the jubilee economic model. (Watch out though… the contact info in back is all out of date now.)

Day 5

Continue reading pages 8-16 of Sabbath-Jubilee Economics in Brief where you left off on Day 4.

Day 6

Read Rick Zemlin’s entry in what we call “Metanoia Stories” from some of our friends and partners who say something about how their eyes have been opened to a new ways of living that reflect jubilee values. Right now there are four such entries within our blog, and we welcome more.

Indigenous Life in Mexico, Fair Trade, and JEM

Day 7

Read an article from the early days of JEM’s formation, Opening My Eyes to Jubilee by Visiting Chiapas, MX, that appeared in Faith at Work magazine in 2002.

Day 8

Read JEM board member Dan Swanson’s introduction to a JEM-produced video on the Maya Vinic Cafe Cooperativa in Chiapas, Mexico.

Day 9

Visit the Fair Trade page on the JEM website and watch the video about Maya Vinic.

Day 10

Listen to our podcast with David Funkhouser, from Fair Trade USA (formerly Transfair USA) that gives an update on Fair Trade’s rapidly changing and expanding scene.

Day 11

Download Reading the Bible Economically, a workbook for personal or group study, and read pages 9-16 from the introduction. (Comes as a .pdf within a .zip file.)

Day 12

Visit the Fair Trade page on the JEM website and click on the link to Oxfam’s article on making trade fair.

Banking as Spiritual Practice

Day 13

Back on JEM’s YouTube channel, watch this video clip about banking, taken from a presentation at Westminster Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA

Day 14

In the Jubilee Today menu of the website is an article called Informed Banking. It connects where we bank with our spiritual practice.

A 2020 Congregation Practicing Jubilee

Day 15

Over at YouTube again, watch how congregations are invited to become “2020 Congregations” (2011-2020).

Day 16

Watch a video clip about what the slaves knew and we forgot and Jubilee from a homily at Southeast Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA, a largely African-American congregation with a cultural relationship to Jubilee that many Americans outside the African-American world won’t have.

Connecting with Nature/Creation/Wilderness

Day 17

Read a Metanoia Story from Karen Holmgren on the converting power of nature and cosmology where jubilee is rooted.

Day 18

Read how the Gospel writers presented the birth of Jesus in a cosmological frame and why. This is one part of a series from Advent 2010.

Day 19

Read how Creation is the teacher of a one-Earth, jubilee economy.

Living Alternatives to Superpower Economics

Day 21

Read Rick Zemlin’s Metanoia Story on saying Enough! in a world chanting “More!” Rick also did a podcast with us and discusses his approach in person. (All podcasts can be found in The Common Good on the site sidebar or at

Day 22

Listen to our podcast with Lauren Van Ham on being an eco-chaplain while working in a hospital, training Walmart associates in sustainability, and being dean at an interfaith chaplaincy institute.

Day 23

Listen to our podcast on alternatives to the funeral industry’s approach to death and burial, employing practices that are giving families new opportunities to care and love.

Day 24

Listen to our podcast on green investing that helps us to invest in the changes we wish to help make, turning money-power toward more sustainable practices.

Day 25

Listen to our podcast that encourages buying from cooperatives rather than corporations as another huge way to vote for a more democratic, sustainable economy.

Day 26

Listen to our podcast about Community Land Trusts and how that model assures an affordable home remains affordable in perpetuity, requiring no further public subsidy. This workforce housing mechanism works and has an extremely low foreclosure rate despite serving lower-income households.

Day 27

Listen to our podcast about School Gardens and Community Gardens and how they are spreading like a wind-blown fire. Listen for how composting and gardening are helping overcome childrens nature deficit disorder.

Day 28

The Metanoia Newsletter goes out four times each year. All issues are archived and can be accessed by finding Metanoia Newsletter category in the left sidebar of the homepage. Most issues offer a primary theme, for example, immigration.

Day 29

JEM has hosted guests and invited them to post to our website. One such guest is Ulrich Duchrow, a theologian who specializes in economics and ecology, and lives in Heidelberg, Germany.

Day 30

Now that you are prepared to see and hear jubilee in more places, listen to Richard Berman’s song, The Mexican Coast, featured on the Artists For Change CD produced for JEM. It’s a charming tale of two economic paradigms meeting. Joni Mitchell’s song Lakota makes a comparable statement on Indigenous-Industrial relations with even more passion. (Lyrics)

Bonus! Reflect and Act

Day 31

Please take a few minutes today to reflect on your experience of the past days thinking about a jubilee economy. What thoughts have changed? What information do you have now that you did not before? Have you changed any practices? What recommendations would you make for improving the website? Please send your thoughts to

If you feel this exercise has opened your eyes, we’d be happy to post your story among our Metanoia Stories, or your video thoughts on YouTube. Join in and Like us on Facebook and tell everyone about your experience and be sure to invite your friends to go around the JEM World in 30 Days.

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