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Offsetting the CO2 We Release in Our Lives: An Action for Earth Day … and Beyond

Here’s an Earth Day action OneEarth Jubilee recommends we all take to offset the CO2 we put into the air.

Some of us may be able to arrange life so that we use less energy produced by fossil fuels. Certainly, whatever way we can use less of that energy source is the way to go. But all of us have to travel some, heat or cool our homes, etc. Whatever amount we use, we can off-set the CO2 that fossil fuel puts into the atmosphere by planting trees to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. It’s not a perfect equation by any means. Trees take time to grow, and when they die they release CO2. But every day that trees grow they photosynthesize and remove CO2 from the air.

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Eastertime and Being Clear about What Caused Jesus' Horrible Death

By Lee Van Ham

Editors note: This blog post was first published on March 23, 2018.

Public Domain (CC0) imageHoly week is climactically followed by resurrection. Often we will hear how Jesus “died for our sins.” It bothers me. There is one way to hear that phrase that it liberates us from the structures of sin that oppress us across the economy and political spectrum! But there’s another way of understanding those words that weigh us down with thoughts of being deeply flawed and of little worth, even though we are good creations of God and even though God is love.

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Jubileo Newsletter for March 2019

Let’s Go See Jubilee at Work in Mexico

Be Part of the Next OneEarth Living Delegation

After one person read the blogs on our website about the Jubilee Circles in San Cristobal (Chiapas) and San Mateo (Puebla), she said, “Wow!  They sound so wonderful…. I would definitely like to explore the possibility of getting connected with them. Please let me know when you have more details about the upcoming delegation(s).”

This upcoming Delegation will help us mobilize to meet the 2030 deadline to keep Earth below the 1.5°C rise that scientists now agree is critical to head-off enormous breakdowns in Earth’s systems—breakdowns far beyond what we are currently experiencing.

Delegations are part of building the movement and increasing our participation in the Great Transition Earth now requires of us—a Great Transition out of supersized MultiEarth ways into Earth-sized living.

Coordinator for the June 1-9, 2019, Delegation to Chiapas and Puebla is Rachel Miller-Haughton (pictured above).

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Jubileo Newsletter for December 2018

Third of Three Specials on Jubilee Circles—San Diego

This Jubilee newsletter concludes the series of four bringing up-to-date news from the three Jubilee Circles PLUS a significant Jubilee first: the conference on Jubilee at the Nicanor Gomez Seminary in Toluca, Mexico, this past September.

For many years, Jubilee in San Diego radiated out from a small office in a large intercultural, multilingual ministry center. Then in 2014-2015, we became binational, and in 2017, we began to form a Jubilee Circle, having seen the effectiveness of the Mexican Jubilee Circles in San Cristobal and San Mateo. This binational aspect of Jubilee repeatedly strengthens our work. All of the attention to the US-Mexican border in a nationalistic way sometimes brings challenges to our work, but our three Circles could not exist as we do without the enrichment of our interconnectedness.This is illustrated clearly in how funding of the Circles happens.

Podcast Episode 102: Lee’s conversation with Anne Pacheco and Diane Hartley

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Jubileo Newsletter for November 2018

Jubilee in San Mateo (MX)!

by Lee Van Ham
In the October issue of Jubileo we heard from Jubilee in San Cristobal. This month it’s San Mateo’s turn. Four devoted, energetic people comprise the core of Jubilee in San Mateo (MX): Angelica Juarez de Swanson, Karina Velez, David Delgado, and Mariana Velez Delgado. There are several places named San Mateo in Mexico, but this one lies in the state of Puebla about an hour outside of Puebla City which has a population 2.5 million and elevation of 7000 feet. Its universities are second in number only to Mexico City.

Summer Course at the Daniel Swanson Cultural Center

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Jubileo Newsletter for October 2018

Jubileo in Chiapas!

by Lee Van Ham

Four devoted, energetic people comprise the core of Jubilee in Chiapas: Gloria Gonzalez, Lindsey Mercer-Robledo, Isai Robledo, and Pedro Robledo. They live in San Cristobal de Las Casas, a city of 185,000 at 7200 feet elevation in the highlands of this southern-most Mexican state. Tourists from around the world come to San Cristobal, attracted by its colonial architecture, a large market filled with local cultural artisans and products, cobblestone streets, and more.

But the work of Jubilee lies outside of the city’s attractive center. The activities described below happen in marginalized communities where Indigenous peoples and others live in deep poverty. Some of these communities are in the city, just blocks from the quaint center; others are located within a couple of hours of San Cristobal de Las Casas.

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JUBILEE ACTIONS: “Bag the Bag” is the slogan of the moment.

See how many ways you can figure out how NOT to use plastic bags for carrying items out of any store!

Keep cloth bags in the trunk of your vehicle.

Carry items out in your arms (if there are only a few)

Fewer than 5% of plastic bags are recycled in California. Is your state better? Bags are a major debris on ocean floors and cause death to one million birds and 100,000 turtles and sea animals annually because they ingest them. Paper better? In landfills, paper bags produce more than twice as much atmospheric waste as plastic. Check out the Sierra Club fact sheet on bags.

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