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Spark That Went Around the World

By J. Glenn Evans. The following reposting takes advantage of the author’s generous “copyleft” to share the story openly and freely. It happens to share the key JEM vision, this time arising out of the author’s Native American spirituality. See below for his bio blurb.

This is a fantasy but a story of what could someday come to be when enough people have a change of mindset and it all started by a small farmer of Seattle Pike Place Market.

George the Dreamer, a small truck farmer, sold his production of fruits and vegetables at the Seattle Pike Place Market. He got there early every Saturday morning and drew his lot for space and always hoped to end up on the main shopping thoroughfare that some people called Goodwin Way to honor one of the Market’s early pioneers even though the Historic District’s managing commission has thus far denied that honor to him for some bureaucratic reason. Mr. Goodwin built the main market structures that sheltered the farmers and their customers from Seattle’s bountiful rain.

George read all the local papers, watched YouTubes and saw all the misery humankind brought upon itself. He concluded that most of the world’s misery came because of greed and lust for power and gold by a few people infected with the Greed Disease. Hell, he thought to himself, what I don’t sell or need to take care of my family I give away to the food banks and others who are hungry. He had disgust for all the imperial wars to gain control over other peoples and their resources. Any intelligent farmer knew that all you needed for a good life are food, shelter, love and occasionally a doctor when you get sick. A few people who want to be rich and to lord it over everybody else cause most of the world’s misery.

Hell, he did just fine with his five acres. He paid his share of taxes to support the local schools and necessary community functions. He even let some of the kids come out and help on his farm so he could teach them how to grow things and preserve their food for winter. George concluded that most of the world’s messes were man-made. If they were man-made messes they could be man-unmade.

In the wee hours of the morning he had a dream of a strange new world that shocked him. All the working people, common labor, small farmers, clerks in offices and attendants in hospitals, even the soldiers and sailors in the military all of a sudden got the same idea. Why should they continue to permit the mega corporations, big banks and corporate media along with their chamber pot emptiers, the politicians and government commissioners that did their biding instead of serving the people continue to make suckers out of them? With the coming dawn his dream thoughts rolled on. Debt caused misery. Everyone who is tethered to debt is a slave. What if all the debts, private and state, were declared null and void? Ownership of debtor and creditor owned assets would be shared percentage wise by investment.

Indians didn’t have any mortgages and formal debts. Like the famous Indian Chief, Red Cloud, in so many words once said, you can own anything you can carry with you. The rest belongs to the tribe. That means natural resources and the land belongs to all life. All these god-made things of nature belong to all life, not to just a few who tie everything up for selfish reasons. All land titles that exceeded 1,000 acres were voided and the land returned to the state for the common good. Those parcels acceptable for farming were homesteaded with life tenancy for those able and willing to organic farm on lots of five acres to the family with two additional acres per child up to five. When children reached adulthood they would be entitled to a life homestead like their parents. To maintain their homestead rights the land must show improvements and they must sell or share their excess production with others.

All corporate stock owned by one person that exceeded one million dollars in value became the property of the state and belonged to all the people. All the present paper money, since it is considered debt owed to banks, is declared worthless. The treasury department of the new Peoples Republic’s printed a new currency based on the good faith and honor of all citizens of the country. Every adult issued a 1,000 denarius’s and for every child an additional 500 denarius’s for sustenance during the transition period. This new money’s name is based on the ancient Biblical coin.

The corrupt congress, that had been the plaything of the rich, dissolved and all adults of sound mind in and out of jail voted to elect new people to congress to replace them on the same election proportions called for in the US Constitution. New congressional districts were based on counties of the various states. Sparse Counties were lumped together under one congressional district with no more gerrymandering permitted. All political parties were permitted on equal standing and voters were given a first, second and third choice to vote on, that took selection of candidates out of the hands of political bosses. All elections for public office became public financed, with all media companies utilizing public airwaves required to allocate 20% of each of their time slots 30 days prior to elections for free use of candidates as a royalty paid to the citizens for use of their airwaves. Campaign times limited to 30 day prior to elections with limits to amounts of private expenditure by the candidate of $1,000 or 25% max of the amount of salary compensation during the term of election. To qualify for candidacy a limited number $5 donations from the public must be achieved. Maximum contribution of $50 allowed per contribution. Contributions of more than $50 treated as a bribe with jail time for both the offeree and the taker of the bribe.

George’s dream just went on and on. All gas cars unless they eliminated pollution were outlawed within two years unless there were retrofitted to eliminate pollution. The government provided free Public transportation by bus and rail.

The justice system was revamped. Lawyers and judges became civil servants and were paid by the government in order that justice is removed from the commodity block. Committees were set up to review all prisoner’s cases and sentences reviewed with steps taken to free them if declared not guilty or not a danger to society. Halfway farms and houses set up for rehabilitation to engage them in useful public service and training for self-improvement. For those deemed unsafe for release at the present they continued to be confined and put to work doing something useful to themselves and society until hopefully they became qualified for release. Death sentences were abolished for all people except crimes against humanity and predatory warmongers who were deemed uncorrectable. . With no need to steal crime rates went way down. Anyone caught bribing or accepting a bride, would be locked arm and leg together for a period of time until they learned their lesson. All so-called leaders who abuse humanity or start a predatory war were removed from office one way or the other.

Small business, trades, family farms, and co-ops encouraged. Public education and trade schools revamped to provide free school through college for those who will apply themselves. All honest labor became honored. All shared onerous jobs. Pay rates varied with degree of skill and responsibility. Salaries based on responsibility for others were limited to their own full scale level and 10% for each person supervised with max of 20 times lowest paid employee.

If a job needed done and a group of qualified people or an individual wanted to tackle it, the government would help them finance it with oversight that funds were not wasted. Those that did not want to go along with the new ways were confined to a ghetto of like spirited people to feast on each other like the old way. When they had enough of that they could come back out into society and do something for the common good.

Resorts were maintained for the fair use of all. Apartments were assigned by common sense and luck of the draw and duties assigned to keep them up. For those with no shelter, they were put up best as could be arranged in vacant buildings, until adequate apartments could be built.

When George the Dreamer woke up he told his neighbors about his dream and these neighbors told their neighbors and George the Dreamer’s spark went around the world. It was only a dream, he thought, but why not? What we are doing now is not working, except for the few against the many.

Copyleft 2011, J. Glenn Evans. Feel free to copy and distribute as broadly as possible.

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