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JEM's New Delegations and Intercultural Conversations (Be an Early Participant) 

Mayavinic co-op ecological center / photo by David BabbTake a quick peek to the end of this blog and you will see an invitation to join in a different kind of Jubilee delegation from ones we’ve previously offered. July 16-23, 2016, are the dates. But first, please read what has led to this new kind of delegation.

We really could never have anticipated what is developing since JEM officially became bi-national earlier this year (February). It was the culmination of many conversations during all of 2015. The conversations included Mexican partners who told us that it’s about time we got our act together and learned how to work in solidarity. So laying aside the former “we,” the new “we” is a network of partners, Mexican and U.S., not another top-down US-led group. The networking underway is involving individuals, NGO’s, churches, and others whom we discover as we go, seeing which relationships evolve into ground-level, solidarity partnerships.

We’re learning on the fly about the implications of becoming a network of partners. One example: Jubilee Delegation to Chiapas, MX (and other destinations) comprised of people from the U.S. and Mexico.  We’re eager to welcome you on a delegation to learn all you can from the people and places you will visit. The itinerary will be planned and hosted by Jubilee’s network of partners. All who go on their first delegation go as learners, not as doers or problem-solvers. We go with our cups emptied.

Then, for all who are attracted to continuing connections, the Jubilee network of partners invites you to participate in conversations that seek mutual, deepening understanding centered around Jubilee projects of an alternative world. Mexicans will be coordinating these events and co-leading participants into deeper relationships of solidarity. The differences in language, culture, class, and economic means are welcomed for the richness they add to the conversations along with the challenges.

The Jubilee network of partners promises to take participants into other possible worlds, ones that differ from the reigning hyper-globalized world that builds walls, homogenizes culture, and commodifies relationships. How and who we are together and what we do together is nothing less than an act of resistance to the dominant paradigm that we live with everyday. Significantly, the resistance we shape is also a life-generating alternative. It is an alternative of Earth-size, Spirit-infused living that we wish to make central to our intercultural conversations together. We will seek to be present to the new and creative worlds happening far from the main headlines of the day.

We invite you to consider joining us this July 16-23 for an initial foray into this new paradigm of listening, learning and resisting.

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I'm really excited to be able to participate in the July 16-23 conversation in Chiapas - - it is definitely time to reconstruct the paradigm and turn this world right-side-up again!

July 2, 2016 | Unregistered Commenterdan bayer

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