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The Parable of the Talents, 2003 Style

By Rev. Dan Gonzalez Ortega, Mexico

In the alternative lifestyle that God offers us, in this world, to resist is like when the president of the most powerful country in the world calls those who are under him and delegates authority. To the IMF and the World Bank were given the power to dictate the economic regulations of the world; to Mexico to head up the project of free trade in all of the Americas; and to Iraq to control all the petroleum produced in the countries of the Middle East by the use of weapons of mass destruction; to each one were given these responsibilities according to their capabilities and then the President let the phenomenon known as globalization run its course.

To those in charge of the global financial markets they did the work of lending millions of dollars to the “developing” countries in order to sustain the idea that economic growth is possible especially in strategic nations until finally reaching the goal of having an uncontrollable and globalized economy. In the same way, those that have received the responsibility of creating a free trade zone under NAFTA have now gone on to taking the first steps of the “Puebla/-Panama Plan” and what they enthusiastically call the Latin American Free Trade Zone.

But he who had received long range missiles and the infrastructure to create chemical weapons for the sole purpose of dominating its neighbors and obligating them to sell their petroleum at low prices, decided to hide these weapons in secret locations.

After some time the president of the Nation of “Manifest Destiny” came to make accounts with his partners. Those whom had received power over the global economy said here you have what we have done according to your will. We have brought great debt on many countries which brings them under submission and here is a list of the most rich of the world and almost all of them are citizens of your country. Finally, here is an economic structure that transcends the nation-state and is only accountable to the laws of the market.

The President said to them, well done my good humble and loyal servants, you have done well with what I have given you and have not resisted my will.

Those who had received the responsibility of creating a Free trade zone in America said Mr. President, business partner, you gave me the work to make trade agreements and here are the results. I haven’t worried about the subsistence of the peasants and here today you can sell them agricultural products without paying tariffs or you can open factories on their borders and pay miserable wages to the workers. Your citizens can freely cross our borders to have a good time in Juarez City raping and killing the women workers without fear of being discovered or arrested. You can also send your “Spring Breakers” to our beaches where they can do the things that you don’t allow on your own beaches.

The President said to them, well done my good, humble and loyal servants you have done well with what I have given you and you have not resisted my will.

But when the person came who had received the weapons of mass destruction to assure the flow of oil from the Middle East to the western world he said Mr. President, I know you very well and the things you taught me have made me the person I am today. That you are a person who doesn’t keep your word and that you cannot be trusted and that you like to use freely the resources that are not yours and that you can bomb those that have been your allies when they are not useful to you. For these reasons I did not trust you and hid the weapons you gave me and I continued to let OPEC regulate the price of oil. Here you have what you gave me, our deactivated weapons like anthrax that I assure you we do not produce here. What you receive in the mail comes from your own citizens. Only allow us to keep our oil because it is our only resource of our people and our means to continue to resist you.

The President responded, unfaithful terrorists, you knew that I am ambitious and arrogant and that I take what is not mine and bomb those who do not obey me. Even though you do not have anything to defend yourself, you should have at least exiled Hussein to another planet because two of us don’t fit in this world and then I could have total control of planet Earth and no one would oppose me.

Take away then from Iraq its oil and give it to those who control the global economy because in the global economy he who has more will be given more and those who have less even what they have will be taken away.

Anyone who does not bow to my will and do what I say, I will send my missiles upon them , despite what the UN Security Council says, even “accidentally” upon the civil population and even upon the presence of human shields in order to show what happens to anyone who dares to resist me.

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