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    Why do we produce TCGP? Because as an economy shaped by corporations and capital has gone global, the common good has more often suffered than benefitted. AND because the OneEarth economy we talk about (we often call it jubilee) is irrevocably committed to the common good.

    Begun in 2010, by Lee Van Ham and Ed Lucas, The Common Good Podcast (TCGP) is now directed by Lee Van Ham with Jerry Iversen as producer and co-host.

    Episodes feature conversations with people who are growing in the consciousness of living a OneEarth economy, meaning that they search for choices they can make daily to best fit their lives into the abundance of our one planet home. Interviewees talk about their workplace, congregation, organization, or personal lives.

    We interview people who we believe are contributing substantively to Earth’s full community of life — people who seek to live with sufficient rather than excessive incomes, who believe in democratic distribution of power, who seek right relationships between all species, and who work for healthy, balanced eco-regions. This OneEarth worldview is, we believe, infused with the sacred as expressed in diverse spiritualities.

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    Episode 89 :: Sr. Shirley Fineran: 21st Century Slave Trade—Helping Victims Recover from Human Trafficking

    This episode has surprises. Our guest on the modern slave trade is not from a major city or border city. She is from northwest Iowa. How is slavery happening there? Sr. Shirley Fineran is the founder of the Siouxland Restoration Center to help people who have been victims of human trafficking. She is in the process of renovating Lila Mae’s House, a home for women who have experienced sex trafficking. “Siouxland,” by the way, refers to the greater metro-Sioux City area which is in Northwest Iowa on the Missouri River, right next to Nebraska and South Dakota.

    Click here for more of Sr. Shirley’s bio:,-shirley/

    More information on the 21st Century slave trade as reported in the Washington Post and New York Times are just two more clicks away.

    * Washington Post century-yet-slavery-is-alive-and-well/?utm_term=.88dc5fb480ff

    * New York Times, Nicholas Kristoff

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 88 :: Paul K. Chappell: Distinguishing Violence from Aggression in Living & Teaching Nonviolence

    In this episode we address a powerful way of thinking and acting for the common good—nonviolence. When we hear the word “nonviolence,” we tend to think we know what it’s about. But, as your interview reveals, there’s so much to nonviolence that we do NOT know unless we intentionally make it part of our continuing learning throughout life. AND, this interview we present today could not be more timely given. The U.S. is in a time of high profile threats and violence. From Washington, D.C. to our neighborhoods, we experience violent white supremacy, bullying of immigrants and black and brown citizens, and there’s nuclear sabre-rattling with North Korea.

    Paul K. Chappell is the Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, an Iraq War veteran, West Point graduate, international speaker, and author of six books.

    Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said of him, “Paul K. Chappell has given us a crucial look at war and peace from the unique perspective of a soldier, and his new ideas show us why world peace is both necessary and possible in the 21st century. The End of War can help people everywhere understand why war must end, and how together we can end it.”

    A recent event in Paso Robles, CA, was co-sponsored by Paso Peace Community, Members of the North County Clergy Group, Rotary International PeaceBuilders, and Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. // //

    Paso Peace Community Blog on Paul’s visit: Why World Peace Is Possible

    Don’t confuse Paul K. Chappell with the conservative preacher/author Paul Chappell!

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 87 :: Enrique Morones: Advocate for Migrants, Immigrants, and Keeping Borders Humane

    Immigrants are increasing in numbers worldwide. Climate change and wars contribute. Failing economies and unjust trade agreements do too. For many around the world, their country is no longer safe for them. Where shall they go? Who can they trust to help them? They are the focus of racism and nationalism. Families are being torn apart by inhumane deportation practices. This volatile issue is our topic on this podcast.

    Our guest, Enrique Morones, is a leading voice on immigration in the San Diego-Tijuana region. Since 1986, he has dedicated his life to preventing immigrant deaths in the desert between Mexico and the U.S. With this Episode, The Common Good Podcast speaks forceful resistance to white supremacy, nationalistic worship, and any hint that males of European descent have a divine mandate to rule.

    Lee caught up with Enrique in his office in San Diego. Enrique directs Border Angels, an organization he founded. This interview stirs emotions and gives information to help you say better what you believe when the topic of borders and immigration comes up in conversations. With the current U.S. administration, there’s plenty of talking going on. The meanness of the deportations, the white nationalism, the racial profiling, the lies and misinformation—all contribute to a wave of inhumane methods that kill and harm. No wonder our guest today makes an impassioned plea for a change of leadership in Washington. The world allows transnational corporations to roam where they will, but people in danger are not permitted such freedom.

    Enrique’s Photo and Bio

    Enrique’s book Border Angels: The Power of One

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 86 :: Walter Brueggemann on the Primal Power of Money, part 2

    This episode’s on money and what we own, AND on an understanding of the Bible that shows sacred texts need to be used for the common good. They are not the possession of any one ideology despite the claims ideologies lay to sacred texts. Our guest today has shown consistently, throughout his career, that much of the Bible challenges injustices happening in the events of the day. We’re glad to bring you renowned Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann discussing his recent book “Money & Possessions.” This is part two of a conversation that began in Ep. 80.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 85 :: Lee & Jerry: Actions for a Better World in a Time of Climate Change and U.S. Extremism

    Earth Overshoot Day, Aug. 2

    Alternatives & Resistance: Review of Jan.-June Episodes:

    1. Candace Vanderhoff - water consulting and designing water harvesting systems, sustainable landscapes and water conservation products.

    2. Walter Brueggemann—Primal Power of Money & Possessions in Our Lives: 6 Theses

    3. Learning Resistance and Alternatives from Zapatistas and Jubilee’s Mexico Partners: carving lifeways amid violent systems

    4. Kelly Siefken - Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services; VP for Communications and Marketing

    5. Hazel Henderson: Reforming Economies to Work for the Wellbeing of All Creatures

    6. Patricia St. Onge (Haudenosaune): How Indigenous and non-Indigenous relate to one another to empower change in systems and love for all species


    Click to read more ...


    Episode 84 :: Patricia St. Onge: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Peoples Coming Together for OneEarth Living

    Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota catapulted Indigenous peoples into major news stories. The prayerful, nonviolent actions of the Standing Rock Sioux and thousands who stood with them, First Peoples and others, showed the power of spiritual activism in the face of powerful corporations intent on domination. Our guest on this podcast, Patricia St. Onge, a Haudenosaune and Quebecoise, went to North Dakota and has interpreted the actions there in countless conversations. She is a consultant and coach, with Seven Generations Consulting, a business she and her partner, Wilson Riles, founded. It’s a great treat for us to bring to the Common Good audience this conversation with Patricia St. Onge.


    Click to read more ...


    Episode 83 :: Hazel Henderson: Reforming Economies to Work for the Wellbeing of All Creatures

    Hazel Henderson is a world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, and author of Beyond Globalization, and seven other books. Her editorials appear in 27 languages and more than 400 newspapers. It’s a treat to hear this interview with her by co-host Jerry Iversen.

    The challenges to the global economy glare at us: ecological breakdown, exaggerated rich-poor disparity, and the use of war to secure resources. Our guest, Hazel Henderson, has spent a lifetime promoting real alternatives. She has pursued economic reforms. She measures an economy’s strength and merit by more criteria than whether or not it’s growing. She created the Green Scoreboard online so we can all follow the trillions of dollars being shifted into the green economy year after year. She’s a great cheerleader for cooperatives. She founded the Ethical Markets TV program where she interviews guests from different parts of the world who tell viewers how ethical markets and economics are working for them. Listen! It’s a feast of encouragement ala Hazel Henderson.

    Visit for details of its programs and Hazel’s bio.

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    Co-host Lee Van Ham’s new book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable, is now available online at Powells, Barnes and Nobles, and other stores in addition to Amazon.
    Episode 77 :: Lee Van Ham: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable
    For a review of the book click on “Review.”

    Lee’s May Gigs — Offering “Re-Training Ourselves for OneEarth Living” workshops. Contact Lee at

    OF RELATED INTEREST: Co-Host Jerry Iversen’s Simple Living Works! Website & Podcasts

    On recent Simple Living Works! Podcast, we talk with author, blogger, speaker, coach Susan Vogt about her Lenten discipline “Love your enemy” as she listens to conservatives to try to understand why they would vote for regressive government.

    Simple Living Works! Blog and Podcast

    Episode 83 :: Hazel Henderson: Reforming Economies to Work for the Wellbeing of All Creatures

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