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    The Common Good Podcast
    A Production of Jubilee Economics  

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    Why do we produce TCGP? Because as an economy shaped by corporations and capital has gone global, the common good has more often suffered than benefitted. AND because the OneEarth economy we talk about (we often call it jubilee) is irrevocably committed to the common good.

    Begun in 2010, by Lee Van Ham and Ed Lucas, The Common Good Podcast (TCGP) is now directed by Lee Van Ham with Jerry Iversen as producer and co-host.

    Episodes feature conversations with people who are growing in the consciousness of living a OneEarth economy, meaning that they search for choices they can make daily to best fit their lives into the abundance of our one planet home. Interviewees talk about their workplace, congregation, organization, or personal lives.

    We interview people who we believe are contributing substantively to Earth’s full community of life — people who seek to live with sufficient rather than excessive incomes, who believe in democratic distribution of power, who seek right relationships between all species, and who work for healthy, balanced eco-regions. This OneEarth worldview is, we believe, infused with the sacred as expressed in diverse spiritualities.

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    Episode 73 :: Hal Brody: An Up-to-the-Minute Report on Solar Energy

    Costs, technologies, rebates, and policies change rapidly around solar energy. If you haven’t updated yourself since 2014, you’re likely not aware of how affordable and convenient it is. This episode’s interview with Hal Brody lets the sun shine on all of these issues. Every day the sun sends more energy to Earth than what we use globally in a year. But our technology has lagged in using it. How about today? Is solar energy still more expensive or does it now compete in price with carbon energies?

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 72 :: Walter Brueggemann on Sabbath as Resistance to a Nano-Second, Hurry-Up World

    This podcast is about resistance to our 24/7 civilization. Quiet, disciplined resistance. Practicing alternative, slower behaviors to the fast food, nano-second hurry of a work week, and living richer because of it. This interview with Walter Brueggemann will surprise, disturb, and delight you!!

    The interview revolves around the word “Sabbath.” It’s a surprise, because not so many of us would likely hurry to listen to a podcast on Sabbath. But this half-hour interview with Brueggemann goes to highly unpredictable places. This podcast will destroy the stereotypes about Sabbath.

    Walter Brueggemann is surely one of the most influential Bible interpreters of our time. He is the author of over one hundred books and numerous scholarly articles. He continues to be a highly sought-after speaker.

    Walter Brueggemann’s web site: About, Books, Audio/Video || Wikipedia

    Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO to the Culture of NOW

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 71 :: Jim Redmond, Mr. Missouri River, on Acting Ecologically Wherever You Live

    “Volunteers are Beyond Measure!” Dawn Snyder bestowed the “Friend of Conservation 2015” award to our illustrious leader, Jim Redmond, during last night’s Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center’s Awards and Volunteer Dinner.

    Our guest on this podcast, Jim Redmond, exemplifies the importance of living in ecological
    consciousness wherever we are. Jim is a leader in the Iowa Sierra Club and has great knowledge about relating to the Missouri River with ecological integrity.

    If you’re a Sierra Club member in the state of Iowa, what kind of issues are you addressing? If you’re not in Iowa, you’ll be able to translate all the issues discussed in this podcast into similar ones in your area: protecting fragile habitats, pure water, using the natural world in ways that recognize our interdependence with it.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 70: William Ostrander:: I Want to Reverse Climate Change by How I Farm. Why Am I Also Running for U.S. Congress?

    When TCGP co-host Jerry Iversen heard farmer William Ostrander speak at a Climate Action rally, he knew he wanted an interview for TCGP.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 69 :: Anne Marie Tipton: The Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels Is Growing Rapidly

    This episode interviews Anne Marie Tipton, a volunteer with Fossil Free California, on the campaigns to divest from fossil fuels. She dates the divestment movement from the 2012 article by Bill McKibben published by _Rolling Stone_ magazine. Currently, over 500 entities have pledged to divest from fossil fuels, Stanford University and the City of Seattle are among them.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 68 :: Convergence of OneEarth Living and Voluntary Simplicity

    The impetus for this podcast came when TCGP cohost Lee Van Ham was one of the presenters at “Seeking Simplicity: A Workshop for the Soul and the Planet,” hosted at St. Paul’s Cathedral in January, 2016. The search for simplicity, not austerity, can get us closer to using only the capacities of our one planet instead of several. Yet, just what simplicity is varies widely; what size fits you? And does your size fit the planet?

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 67 :: Raising Up the Common Good & Living More Simply—Two Components in Earth-Size Living

    Hear cohosts Lee and Jerry comment on multiple themes comprising the common good, and the common people for whom those themes are a primary activity of their lives. It could be that the cohosts learned more than anyone else from the 2015 podcasts. They certainly increased connections to the people interviewed.

    Jerry and granddaughter Eliana

    Click to read more ...

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