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    The Common Good Podcast
    A Production of Jubilee Economics  

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    Why do we produce TCGP? Because as an economy shaped by corporations and capital has gone global, the common good has more often suffered than benefitted. AND because the OneEarth economy we talk about (we often call it jubilee) is irrevocably committed to the common good.

    Begun in 2010, by Lee Van Ham and Ed Lucas, The Common Good Podcast (TCGP) is now directed by Lee Van Ham with Jerry Iversen as producer and co-host.

    Episodes feature conversations with people who are growing in the consciousness of living a OneEarth economy, meaning that they search for choices they can make daily to best fit their lives into the abundance of our one planet home. Interviewees talk about their workplace, congregation, organization, or personal lives.

    We interview people who we believe are contributing substantively to Earth’s full community of life — people who seek to live with sufficient rather than excessive incomes, who believe in democratic distribution of power, who seek right relationships between all species, and who work for healthy, balanced eco-regions. This OneEarth worldview is, we believe, infused with the sacred as expressed in diverse spiritualities.

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    Episode 81 :: Learning Resistance and Alternatives from Zapatistas and Jubilee's Mexico Partners

    This podcast describes the changes in Jubilee Economics following the sudden death in December of Mexican co-director Dan Swanson. Lee Van Ham traveled with board member David Funkhouser to visit Jubilee partners in the two Jubilee centers in Mexico—San Mateo in the state of Puebla and San Cristobal in the state of Chiapas. Lee tells of the strong examples of resistance to bad government that serves corporations and wealth at the expense of all who live with little. He speaks of alternatives they saw to an economic system unable and unwilling to seek justice for immigrants, Indigenous peoples, nature and species, all who seek to protect water, and others excluded by systems designed for redistribution upward. He tells about the impact of visiting the “Zapatista University” (CIDECI-UniTierra) and the autonomous community of Oventik.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 80 :: Walter Brueggemann on The Primal Power of Money and Possessions in Our Lives

    Our guest is renowned Biblical scholar and teacher Walter Brueggemann discussing his latest book “Money & Possessions.”

    Sacred texts around the world challenge the idea that the best stewardship of money and possessions is to grow them. Despite this, “growth” is the operative word in personal finance and economic enterprise. The belief in growing possessions persists for many as a deeper assumption than what our inner spirits and sacred texts tell us.

    Among people using the Bible, awareness is lacking of how permeated it is with insight about money and possessions.

    Part one of the two-part series presents his six theses about money & possessions in the Bible, observing their contradictory nature to the conventional wisdom and practice of both the ancient world and today’s society.

    Part two, coming later, is a brief survey of the theme of money and possessions throughout the Bible. Of course, Walter makes some connections between the six theses and contemporary politics.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 79 :: Candace Vanderhoff, Water Conservation/Reclamation

    Candace Vanderhof, an architect who designs water conservation and reclamation systems for homes and businesses, has done field study of subsistence cultures and traditional architecture in the central Pacific islands. Currently working to develop projects and systems for simple regenerative living in the US, projects focused on water conservation and reuse, and regenerative building.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 78 :: Susan Taylor, Just Money Advisors

    This site is moving! Click “Casa Jubileo” in the menu at the top to go to our new site.

    Susan Taylor of Just Money Advisors on Relating to Money in a Toxic Culture and Parenting Children about Money

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 77 :: From Egos to Eden

    This site is moving! Click “Casa Jubileo” in the menu at the top to go to our new site.

    Author Lee Van Ham gives us a preview of “From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable,” vol. 2 of his Eden for the 21st Century trilogy, due out Feb. 6, 2017.

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 76 :: Let's Have an Ugly Food Thanksgiving

    Part 1: Celebrating Ugly Food / Gleaning with Pastor Amy Beveridge, Gail McNichols-Oliver and Emily Wilson

    Exploring the intersection of food, water & faith in a time of drought, every Sunday in August, Bethel Lutheran Church (ELCA), Templeton, CA - Speakers, film, music, worship, fun! + Ugly Food Banquet.

    Bethel Lutheran’s Ugly Food Project promotion items (media releases, bulletin inserts, etc.) Plus an extended conversation with Gail McNichols-Oliver, a founder of GleanSLO, and Biblical reflections by Pr. Amy in light of Jesus’ feeding the multitudes.

    Part 2: Fighting for Clean Water with Paula Wansa

    VIDEOThirsty for Justice: The Struggle for the Human Right to Water

    Click to read more ...


    Episode 75 :: Jean Diaz, Exec. Dir., San Diego Community Land Trust

    With the average house in San Diego in 2016, selling at over $500,000, and with almost 800 San Diego homes selling for over $2M in 2015, just what does “affordable housing” mean? (Just to compare: the average home in Cleveland, OH, sells for around $80,000.) What level of income is needed in San Diego to become a homeowner? When the Market does not, and cannot, provide houses affordable to people in the workforce, what alternatives are there to paying rents that continue rising? Is renting your only option—and therefore paying all your housing money to someone else who does own? Stay with us for this episode of The Common Good Podcast because we’re talking with the executive director of one non-profit that defines “affordable housing” in a way that many people in the workforce can become homeowners—not just in San Diego County, but all across the country.

    This podcast updates us on the community land trust model of making homes available for ownership at 20%-or-so below the market rate. I’ve been on the board of the SDCLT since its inception, chairing it for at least three years, so I believe in this model of housing. The reasons will become clear as I talk with Jean Diaz, who became Ex. Dir. in 2013.

    Click to read more ...

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