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Ep.06/19: Carrie Radloff--Working for Environmental Progress in the Politically Regressive Midwest

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Today we feature a conversation with Carrie Radloff, a Sierra Club activist and member of the Sioux City, IA, Environmental Advisory Board

When one looks at the tri-state area on the Missouri River that includes Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska, one wonders, “Is anything positive happening there?” So much of the politics is regressive. But this episode answers a resounding YES! Despite anti-environment corporations and Republican-held legislatures and governors’ offices, activists in the Sierra Club and with local city governments are working to keep their environment clean and healthy.

She currently serves as Chair of the Northwest Iowa Group of Sierra Club and works tirelessly and without pay to research issues, reach out to other groups, and communicate clearly.

Carrie is driven to help make good things happen, and has a pleasant temperament and humorous honesty that makes her the first person many turn to on environmental issues.

In addition to chairing the Sioux City Environmental Advisory Board, Carrie is PR/Membership chair of the Loess Hills Wild Ones chapter, and many other organizations and endeavors close to her heart.

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Earlier Episodes

Ep.05/19: Steven Cornett: Partnering with Nature for Healthy Food and Soil through Regenerative Farming

By 2030, it’s essential that we change the way food is grown if we are to keep the planet livable. In his early 30s, Steven Cornett understands the urgency and the daunting scale of such change. He makes a living farming 5000 square feet in a couple of large backyards. His company and You Tube channel are called Nature’s Always Right. He says: “I believe that radically changing our food system can achieve massive economic and social change that will help breakdown many government monopolized services and replace them with legitimate and efficient private service providers.” Helping to change our current large scale degenerative food system to a small scale regenerative agriculture system will have a major influence over the future of our world and society.

In episode 04/19, banker Pat Trahan speaks about growth economics, the Great Recession of 2008-09, Wall Street, and investing in our neighborhood. His perspective differs from many in the banking world. Pat says: “I think Jubilee is the antidote to the growth-for-the-sake-of-growth model where all the lines in all the graphs move only up and to the right. My reading of the Jubilee passages is that the means of production should be redistributed and democratized on occasion. Our system only redistributes some of the fruit of production. Meanwhile, wealth and power become more and more concentrated.”

Pat has written a series of short, thought-provoking responses to the book Creative Capitalism. 

References: Richard Rohrer—Center for Action and Contemplation // James Howard Kunstler // CNU-Congress for New Urbanism // Chuck Marone—Strong Towns

Ep. 03/19—Inequality Hurts Everybody!—Talking to Chuck Collins of

Over the last few decades 15% of U.S. wealth has been transferred from 99% of the populace to 1%. The 2018 tax revisions continue the trend—something many of us noticed as we filed 2018 tax returns. As Program Director of InEquality and the Common Good, a part of the Institute for Policy Studies, Chuck edits the “Inequality This Week” eNewsletter and has authored many books including the popular book, Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good (Chelsea Green) and his new book: Is Inequality in America Irreversible? (Oxford, UK-based Polity Press).

BONUS Podcast! Alternative Radio: Economic InEquality Kills—Stephen Bezruchka

Ep. 02/19—No! to Factory Farms—Talking with Adam Mason of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

Be sure to listen to this podcast. Adam links our food choices to the factory farms which highlight deep ecological and economic problems with the global food supply system, a complex system that starts on farms and finds its way to our plates.

Ep. 01/19—Immigration and Borders: Horrors, Opportunities, and Needs—Talking with Jimmy Marcelin

Jimmy Marcelin is the playmaker at Safe Harbors, San Diego, where 100 to 300 immigrants arrive daily after crossing the busiest border crossing in the world, the Tijuana to San Diego crossing. In addition to ICE’s inhumane and atrocious activities, they also process some people who have papers or seek asylum. Some of these people, ICE delivers to Safe Harbors.

The Common Good Podcast #102FAIR TRADE in Schools and Congregations (12/1/18)

This episode features Lee’s conversation with Anne Pacheco and Diane Hartley on how they brought the Fair Trade Campaigns to their school and congregation—St Martin of Tours, LaMesa, California.

For most of us the news about free trade agreements, tariffs and trade wars feel quite beyond our control. But in this podcast we talk about a different paradigm of trade, and it’s the kind of trade over which we have lots of control.

The Common Good Podcast #101The Power of Small, Jubilee Circles to Bring Change in Mexico (11/1/18)

Ep. 06/19: Carrie Radloff, environmental activist

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