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    Episode 42 :: Co-Host Lee Van Ham Turns Author with "Blinded by Progress"

    Breaking Out of the Illusion That Holds Us released in early December!

    Visit Lee’s blog about his Eden Trilogy at

    Cohosts Jerry Iversen and Lee Van Ham talk about Lee’s book in this episode. The back cover of the book says this about it:

  • Blinded by Progress releases that “ah-hah” feeling we get when truth breaks out of illusion.

    Why does MultiEarth living—living as if we have more than one Earth—grip us so tightly when it defies commonsense to live beyond the capacities of our planet? Why do we continue to pursue economic growth as if it is economic health when it is ecologically impossible? Is it sinister? unconscious? blind faith? addiction?

    Blinded by Progress contributes to the global conversation now underway about sustainable living. The author clearly delineates the contrasts between MultiEarth and OneEarth worldviews. He shows the power that myth has to facilitate our change to OneEarth ways or prevent it. For the MultiEarth illusion to continue, it utterly depends on our religious devotion to unsustainable economics, corporate rule, shrinking our humanness, and thinning democracy. Will we cooperate? resist? choose alternatives? This is a book of hope, helping us invoke our great capacities to change.

    Endorsers of the book include:

    Blinded by Progress is a work of keen observation, a great deal of scholarship and an abiding care for living beings…. Lee Van Ham’s writing delineates a path going forward that does not repeat the illusions of progress. I hope it opens many eyes. Paul Hawken, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and author

    Blinded by Progress’ one-of-a-kind perspective … takes the reader quickly to the very foundation of what is wrong with our current world situation in order to fix it.  Nikki Lyn Pugh, author, journalist 

    Lee has written a book that is a hair-on-fire call to action to free ourselves from our folly of only looking at Me and moving us to We…Pronto. Will Marre’, Founder, The American Dream Project

    This book is a must read for people and communities committed to collectively raise consciousness. It is a guide in creating concrete steps toward being responsible citizens of one earth.”  — Marco Tavanti, PhD, Int’l Sustainable Development Prof., DePaul

    Blinded by Progress is available after Dec. 6. Print copies ($12.95); eBooks ($3.95)

    Other NEWS

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    Kinsler blog series has concluded. More Jan Schalkwijk blogs coming on SRI in the Rockies (annual conference on Socially Responsible Investing). Hear his Jubilee Economics podcast.

    Jerry’s Simple Living Works! podcast series Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

  • Episode 42 :: Co-Host Lee Van Ham Turns Author with "Blinded by Progress"

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