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    « Episode 69 :: Anne Marie Tipton: The Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels Is Growing Rapidly | Main | Episode 67 :: Raising Up the Common Good & Living More Simply—Two Components in Earth-Size Living »

    Episode 68 :: Convergence of OneEarth Living and Voluntary Simplicity

    The impetus for this podcast came when TCGP cohost Lee Van Ham was one of the presenters at “Seeking Simplicity: A Workshop for the Soul and the Planet,” hosted at St. Paul’s Cathedral in January, 2016. The search for simplicity, not austerity, can get us closer to using only the capacities of our one planet instead of several. Yet, just what simplicity is varies widely; what size fits you? And does your size fit the planet?

    Many questions arise. What does simplicity mean amid the complexity of our lives—our calendars, relationships, and finances? Shall we think of seeking simplicity as something we do if we have time for it or is it a necessity? Does seeking simplicity converge with seeking ecological sustainability? If I seek simplicity, will I save money? Is simplicity just about doing without or is there an elegance in frugality? Is simplicity primarily a spiritual discipline or an economic one?


  • Live more simply by reducing our consuming.
  • Live more simply by pruning our possessions.
  • Live more simply by pruning our busyness.
  • To live more simply requires a spiritual attitude and practice.
  • To live more simply an intentional community of practitioners helps.
  • Our efforts to live more simply converge with our efforts to live using only the resources of one planet.
  • MENTIONS in This Episode

    Lee’s book Blinded by Progress at | REVIEWS. See Kritika Narula’s (Delhi, India) essay/review on |

    The Five Life Standards of Living More with Less: TCGP Episode 27 :: Gerald Iversen, Simple Living, and The Common Good Podcast developments

    Simple Living Works! Podcast || SLW! Podcast Index || SLW! Blog

    Jerry’s PREVIEWS of Simple Living Web Sites, Blogs and Podcasts

    The Minimalists popular blog and new podcast

    Click “Shared Housing Blog” in the menu at the top of this page to read Harry Watkins blog.

    Listen to Jerry’s conversation with Carol Watkins, TCGP Ep. 56: Shared Housing – a Step Toward OneEarth Living

    Jerry’s blog: Positive Signs from Central Coast Calif.

    Lenten disciplines:

  • Prayer. Visit Prayer and Politiks (Ken Sehested)
  • Almsgiving. Add something positive and helpful, as well as eliminating something negative and unhelpful from our lives.
  • Fasting. Broaden our view of food. Listen to Lee’s conversation with Mel Lions—Why Food Choices Are Our Best Portal to Making Differences Ecologically. Play the Food Swap Game.

    Source of GRAPHIC: Social Innovation Solutions—Voluntary Simplicity

    Episode 68 :: Convergence of OneEarth Living and Voluntary Simplicity

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