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Episode 94: Time for Healthcare for All—the Majority Want It and California's Nearly There

For techical reasons, this episode has been reposted. Enjoy.

Listen to this high energy, informative conversation with Julie Trager & Ava Torres-Bueno, two advocates for single payer healthcare. Their backgrounds in healthcare bring deep knowledge to their convictions. They tell how all of us can be served better and cheaper through California’s single payer plans.

Julie and Ava answer the objections to single payer that we often hear and explain how those objections come from the money-interests (insurance, pharma) who want to keep the status quo … and protect their profits. After this podcast you’ll be smarter about why and how single payer will serve us far better than the costly, confusing system we have now. You’ll know how you can help make it real asap.

We urge you to visit the website of California Health Care for All for helpful information and how you can help build momentum for this change in your area.

Also, on a related healthcare issue, Ava has written a well-informed, sensitive book, Peace beyond Abortion. It gets beyond the tragic frameworks used in much of the pro-choice vs pro-life debate which cannot be helpful to thousands of women (and men) caught in the excruciatingly difficult decision regarding a pregnancy. Ava’s book will help.

Also Mentioned

Future episodes of Simpler OneEarth Living feature Susan Taylor of Just Money Advisors on her new book “What About Our Money.”

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Co-host Lee Van Ham’s recent book, “From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable,” is now available online at Powells, Barnes and Nobles, and other stores in addition to Amazon. For a review of the book click REVIEW.

You can also listen to him talk about the book on an earlier podcast, Episode 77 :: Lee Van Ham: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable

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Ep. 94: Calif. Medicare-for-All

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