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Mid-Dec. :: WHOSE Birthday? part 4:


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Counter-Offensive to Over-Commercialized Christmases

Since we see indications of the commercial Christmas before Thanksgiving, it’s not too early to begin a Counter-offenseive to such over-commercialization of a special day for one of the world’s primary religions. Simple Living Works! (SLW) has conducted an annual counter-offensive for many years. In 2013, SLW added podcasting to their counter-offensive, reprising audio from their annual anti-consumerist question, “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?” This year The Common Good Podcast (TCGP) joins the effort, and does so for two reasons.

(1)*OneEarth celebrations of special days.—*Christmas, as defined commercially, is all about giving. Which, commercially speaking, means you have to buy first so you have something to give. As a result, the economics of Christmas exceeds by far the resources of one planet. The Common Good Podcast and Simple Living Works move side-by-side in pointing the way to a OneEarth Christmas.

(2)*Multi-Faith societies can enrich one another’s special days.—*Is Christmas a Christian holiday? The commercial, consumerist Christmas is definitely not Christian. The only religion it expresses is Market Religion. But the birth stories of Jesus have a radical, anti-imperial edge. Many people of other spiritual paths would be interested in talking about such a story. Especially, so, if they are invited to share one of their own special day stories in turn.

In pursuit of a OneEarth Christmas that throws open the door to any interested persons in our Multi-faith society, TCGP and SLW join in offering a new podcast episode on the 15th of each month, September through December.

WHOSE Birthday? Part 4 (12/15/18)


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Mid-Dec.::WHOSE Birthday? part 4

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