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Mid-Jan. Bonus--Walter Brueggemann on Abundance


Walter Brueggemann is surely one of the most influential Bible interpreters of our time. He is the author of over one hundred books and numerous scholarly articles. He continues to be a highly sought-after speaker.

Brueggemann was born in Nebraska in 1933. At Union Theological Seminary he earning the Th.D. under the primary guidance of James Muilenburg. He also earned a Ph.D. in education at St. Louis University.

Brueggemann has served as faculty at two institutions in his career: Eden Theological Seminary (1961-1986) and Columbia Theological Seminary (1986-2003). He is currently William Marcellus McPheeters professor emeritus of Old Testament at Columbia.

W.B.’Website, including Biography and Resources (books, articles, blog, audio, video, speaking engagements)

In this episode—Celebrating AbundanceGift and Task: A Year of Daily Reflections and DevotionsA Way Other Than Our Own: Devotions for Lent; and Rebuilding the Foundations: Social Relationships in Ancient Scripture and Contemporary Culture (with John Brueggemann)

W.B.’s Biblical Reflections for “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?” #1.

W.B.’s Foreword to Alternatives’ collection of new hymns Sing Justice! Do Justice!

SLW! Ep. #69—Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO to the Culture of NOW [5/15/16]

Money and Possessions: SLW! Ep. #84: Six Theses [1/1/17] // #85: brief Biblical survey [1/15/17]


A little book on radicalizing our work for OneEarth living is now available. It’s title is Jubilee Circles. In a mere 65 pages, it reports on the work of 3 Jubilee Circles in the U.S. and Mexico and urges you to form such a Circle where you are. It presents 13 themes and over 30 practices to help your Circle get underway. Get your copy by making a donation to The Common Good Podcast (click “donate” button at or write and ask

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Co-host Lee Van Ham’s new book, From Egos to Eden: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable, is now available online at Powells, Barnes and Nobles, and other stores in addition to Amazon. For a review of the book click REVIEW. You can also listen to him talk about the book on an earlier podcast, Episode 77 :: Lee Van Ham: Our Heroic Journey to Keep Earth Livable

OF RELATED INTEREST: Co-Host Jerry Iversen’s Simple Living Works! Website & Podcasts

Here’s something new for 2018 in our podcasting. On the first of the month, you’ll be able to hear a new episode on OneEarth living produced by The Common Good Podcast. On the 15th of the month a new episode on OneEarth living produced by Simple Living Works will be posted for your listening. This adds another option for you each month on both websites: Simple Living Works ( and the Jubilee website (

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Simple Living Works! Blog and Podcast

Vision of the Future (blog)

Mid-Month Bonus: Walter Bueggemann on Abundance

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