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Mid-June :: Bill Ryerson of Population Institute: Crises Caused by Exploding Population

Bill Ryerson of Population Institute and Population Media Center

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In two podcast episodes with Bill Ryerson, we delve into the population explosion—a topic that continues to be largely avoided even though it is core to the civilizational and ecological disasters unfolding.

Episode 1. Crises Caused by Exploding Human Population

COMING NEXT: Episode 2. Reducing Human Population through Methods That Work

Co-host Lee Van Ham: “At the very time when species extinctions are happening faster than at any moment since 65 million year ago when dinosaur populations collapsed, one species, Homo sapiens, is in a burst of exponential growth. Now numbering 7.6 billion, our rise to become the overwhelmingly dominant species on the planet carries with it the harbinger of catastrophic decline. Because Nature’s ecosystems seek balance, no species has ever remained overwhelmingly dominant for long. Theoretically, it is possible that Homo sapiens, having evolved a high level of intelligence, will choose actions that cooperate with Nature in re-establishing a balance among species. But current trends indicate that our species will need to be brought back into balance through disaster, disease, and death, just as happens with other species when they have risen to dominate the resources of a region and destroyed the balance of the planet. The MultiEarth worldview is proving to be especially ineffective in dealing with population growth.” (quote from Blinded by Progress by co-host Lee Van Ham)

So, as we start this two-part series on human population, I am one who says, “There really isn’t anyway that we can be stewards of this planet with the top predator continuing to expand numbers, and doing so explosively.”

Again, quoting from the chapter on population in my book, Blinded by Progress: “Our growth rate exceeds our consciousness to even calculate its impact, and all of us, scientists included, are scrambling to come up with the framework in which to discuss this rapid takeover of our planet by our own species. E. O. Wilson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist retired from Harvard, has described this unusually rapid numerical growth by a species of primates (_Homo sapiens_) as ‘more bacterial than primate.’ He calculates that ‘human biomass is already a hundred times larger than that of any other large animal species that has ever walked the Earth.’ All species, including our own, are reeling from our heavy footprint upon our planet.”

NOTE—Study: Human 0.01% of World’s Biomass, Cause 83% of Extinctions—Real News, 6/6/18, 9 min.

Co-host Jerry Iversen: I wrote an essay recently called Options to Curb the Two Primary Drivers of the Climate Crisis: OverPopulation and OverConsumption. I’ve worked on the issue of overconsumption for some 25 years. Since circulating the essay for response I’ve learned that few people want to touch overpopulation, not in the progressive church, not among non-profits, not liberal politicians. I’ve vowed to carry on this conversation, which began with my interview of John Seager, head of the Population Connection, formerly Zero Population Growth. PART 1 // PART 2 // ESSAY

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Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief SLW! Activist

Mid-June: Bill Ryerson of Population Institute

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