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Mid-May--Susan Taylor Part 3 on Giving, Sharing, Investing: When Doing Good Matters More Than Getting All You Can

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A 3-part series on  Simple Living Works! Podcast and The Common Good Podcast with co-hosts Lee Van Ham and Jerry Iversen.

** In episode 111 for mid-April, 2018, of SLW! we featured part 1 of our conversation with Susan Taylor of Just Money Advisors about her book “What About Our Money: A Faith Response” — Wrestling with Systems Where Money Is Boss.

** In early May, TCGP #95 features Susan part 2 on Security and Money: Tending a Heart Able to Say “Enough. I’m Satisfied.”

** And now in mid-May, SLW!  #112, this episode features Susan in part 3 on Giving, Sharing, Investing: When Doing Good Matters More Than Getting All You Can. 

In part 1 with Susan, we gave an extensive bio of her many achievements and involvements. Please check that episode or see her bio taken from the Natural Investments website. Or read her bio in back of her book, p.107.

We also interviewed Susan some time ago on parenting and money. For that episode go to TCGP Episode 78 : Susan Taylor of Just Money Advisors on Relating to Money in a Toxic Culture and Parenting Children about Money. 

Jerry’s conversation with Susan for this episode grows out of Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of her book—chapters full of delectable ideas about giving and sharing, investing that makes doing good a higher goal than maximizing returns, and connecting our money decisions explicitly with our faith.

Have you ever written a short money autobiography or told another person how your views on money have been shaped since childhood? Few people talk in this way about money with even close friends or family. When it comes to giving money or sharing it, what feelings stir in you? reluctance? deep satisfaction? Do you talk with people about how much you give or how it feels? If you invest money, how do you feel about your investments? Most people have positive feelings when their investments gain more money. Negative feelings when they lose. But some people go a different path and invest money and their emotions primarily to bring more good to the world. These topics are all part of this podcast. Be sure to listen.

Listeners, if you haven’t yet ordered your copy of Susan’s book, do it. The title is “What About Our Money? A Faith Response.” The United Methodist Women commissioned Susan to write this book so you need to order it from them. That address is in our written notes as well.

And, if you haven’t yet become acquainted with Faith and Money Network,, make a point to visit their website,, …

Also in this episode—

  • Why choosing a bank is a spiritual practice [ See Lee’s article at ]
  • Frame how you think of taxes as redistribution and as investments.
  • Women are being empowered through money and faith decisions. Jubilee Circles involved in women’s empowerment are involved in an ongoing revolutionary effort to change minds of women and men to live in a different relationship of sharing and cooperation instead of domination.

Also hear our earlier conversation with Susan on parenting and money (TCGP Episode 78 : Susan Taylor of Just Money Advisors on Relating to Money in a Toxic Culture and Parenting Children about Money at


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Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief SLW! Activist

Mid-May: Susan Taylor Part 3: Giving & Investing

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