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Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast*
Produced as a Collaboration of Jubilee OneEarth Economics and Simple Living Works! 

This podcast is also known as The Common Good Podcast (TCGP).

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The podcast is directed by Lee Van Ham with Jerry Iversen as producer and co-host.

Episodes feature conversations with people who are growing in the consciousness of living a OneEarth economy, meaning that they search for choices they can make daily to best fit their lives into the abundance of our one planet home.

We interview people who we believe are contributing substantively to Earth’s full community of life — people who seek to live with sufficient rather than excessive incomes, who believe in democratic distribution of power, who seek right relationships between all species, and who work for healthy, balanced eco-regions. This OneEarth worldview is, we believe, infused with the sacred as expressed in diverse spiritualities.

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Episode 25 :: Rev. Deb Mitchell, Shifting to a Paradigm of Service

Deb Mitchell

Deb Mitchell was quite like millions of her time and place, comfortable in a middle class life with a good job at a major corporation. Without meaning to, she held advantage that she didn’t even know she had over others. Eventually as her world grew larger than her Midwestern roots reached, Deb became more and more attuned to the dimension of life that had gone unnoticed for so long. Thanks to international travel and a changing corporate landscape, Deb was forced to look at things in a whole new way.

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Episode 8 :: Community. Land. Trust.

Richard Lawrence and Anastasia BrewsterThis month’s episode features two guests from the San Diego Community Land Trust, where Lee Van Ham is the board chairman. Richard Lawrence, ordained in the Methodist Church, has a long history in social justice work, affordable housing efforts and community building in Chicago and San Diego. Anastasia Brewster, coordinator, has experience in Real Estate consulting and has worked with a Phoenix area CLT before coming to San Diego and working with the local CLT.

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Episode 7 :: David Funkhouser and Fair Trade for Dummies

david funkhouserDavid Funkhouser of Fair Trade USA (formerly TransFair USA) is our featured guest for this episode which coincides with Fair Trade month (October). David is Strategic Relations coordinator for FTUSA in Oakland and just finished a day of presenting at three universities before coming to meet and talk with us. He talks about his attraction to and involvement in the movement, the origins of FT, the processes for certifying cooperatives that produce the goods, and how FT meets needs of smaller producers better than the so-called free trade market, ensuring that participating farmers and artisans can remain situated in their homelands, as dignified and productive citizens.

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